Glass blowing studio and boutique, Paimpol, Brittany (France)

Verglass° is a glass blowing studio. It was founded in 2007 by Julie Johnson and Éric Lemarié, two highly experienced, and talented glass artists.

The Studio is now renowned for their creativity, and high standards demonstrated in everything they make.
Their craftsmanship goes hand in hand with contemporary design in order to create original, unique and quality objects, each and every piece is designed and made in their workshop in Paimpol.



I began my apprenticeship, 30 years ago on the island of Sark. I then attended W.S.C.A.D’s School Of Glass Design in England before going to the US and finally France.

Achieving perfection by understanding and mastering the material is a goal which inspires me every day.

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When I discovered the art of glass-blowing at the age of 24, it was obvious to me that this was what I wanted to do. In order to do so, I studied at the CERFAV, then in Murano and Denmark.

My passion has taken me to Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and to the United States to meet other glassblowers before my association with Julie in 2007.

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Newspaper articles, latest stories, briefs … everything there is to know about Verglass°

Verglass°, le film documentaire

Immersion au sein de Verglass° avec ce court documentaire de Canivid Media / Bristol.

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An artist’s book with a cover signed Verglass°

Short film on the work of the Scottish poet and writer Kenneth White: “Les Cygnes Sauvages”.

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La maison France 5 at Verglass°

The host Stéphane Thébaut and his team stopped at the Verglass workshop on May 16, 2019.

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Verglass° at Elle Decoration’s summary

Funny birds, series of carafes blown glass, signed Verglass° is inside the n ° 272 (June 19).

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France 3 Bretagne in our workshop / shop

Reportage of France 3 Bretagne of March 22, 2019: “The craftsmen of art - the glass”.

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Verglass°, the documentary

The film presents our work and the passion that has driven us for more than 25 years.
Direction : Canivid Media / Bristol